Our understanding of morality will be significantly impacted by the Supreme Court's acceptance of nationalized health care.  Every behavior directly and indirectly affecting our health will eventually come under scrutiny.  

The concept of moral relativism has attracted attention to those looking to justify behaviors considered immoral by others.  The argument states that morality is relative to each individual and no absolute authority exists.  The primary argument against moral relativism is that a sacred doctrine, depending upon the religion, provides absolute authority on moral matters.

How does morality relate to God?  Is the acknowledgement of God even necessary for practicing morality?

Morality is those actions and behaviors that lead to the good health and well-being of individuals and communities.  So what does "well-being" mean?

Society lost its way on morality due to authoritarian leaders who bypassed the reasoning process and made moral decisions for others.  Without explaining why certain actions and behaviors are immoral, decrees were made and written in stone.